Thursday, June 16, 2011

Republican Senator of turns against Hispanic heritage

"I can't think of a more generous immigration policy than the one his parents benefitted from," Gutierrez, a liberal from Chicago of Puerto Rican descent, told POLITICO on Wednesday. "All they had to do was show up."He was referring to Sen. Marco Rubio (R- Fla), the newly elected representative born of Cuban immigrant parents.

"It is the story of a bartender and a maid in Florida. Today their son serves here in the Senate, and stands as a proud witness of the greatness of this land." says Rubio.

So what does this star example of the American Dream advocate in the way of today's immigration reform efforts? 
"Senator Rubio repeatedly and consistently stressed border security and E-Verify would be his immediate priorities."....Rubio has dismissed the DREAM Act as “blanket amnesty” for illegal immigrants.
America's Voice blasted : "Marco Rubio Sells out Hispanic Community."

“Marco Rubio has become a go-along Washington insider overnight," said Lynn Tramonte, deputy director of America’s Voice. "By championing mandatory E-Verify, the big government program with a 50 percent fail rate, Rubio has thrown Hispanics under the bus in order to cozy up to anti-immigrant ‘leaders’ in Congress like Sen. Grassley and Rep. Lamar Smith. ...
"The fact that Marco Rubio put his name on this bill shows that he just doesn’t get it. He is incapable of being a real bridge to the Latino community for the GOP."

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