Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are all Americans

Miguel, a friend of ours, lived and worked in the U.S. for 3 years with a green card - legally, that is.  Part of his work here involved helping other immigrants make the adjustments to a new culture, finding housing, work, understanding what was expected of them.  He has a unique perspective, having worked with immigrants who both wanted to assimilate and continue living here legally, as well as some who just came for a short term job and were more interested in returning to their families in Mexico as soon as possible.  Miguel himself, returned a few years ago to his family in Cuernavaca, Mex. where he continues to teach.  He writes:

The field of immigration is a large, historical one, with many branches to follow.  But what if one day all these Hispanics return home? We know what would happen; much industry would stop because the anglos will not work those job.  The cost of producing goods and services would be affected by leaps and bounds, if that happened.

In my opinion there are jobs for all.  However, many anglos  have and do business with Hispanics, and have increased their business because of that. Hispanics are in every area of ​​the U.S. working to conserve a source of employment and I think those Hispanics who achieve citizenship would be very grateful to the United States as a country that offered them a source of income.

In this issue of immigration no one loses and everyone wins. We are all Americans and as Americans we share a little of what there is for each person, without that wealth being accumulated by just a single person

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