Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - the smart choice

With a comprehensive approach to immigration reform we can improve life in the USA for
  1. All workers
  2. Honest employers
  3. Tax payers.

Most illegal aliens are paying taxes:
  • property taxes, either directly if they own a home, or through rent;
  • sales tax on everything they buy;
  • Social Security tax collected by their employers, which they will never get back if it is on a false ID
  • Medicare tax - same as Soc Sec
  • State income tax - same as above
If it is illegal to enter this country or overstay without proper documentation, it is equally illegal to hire an undocumented person.  Therefore, if we want to send illegals back home, we must also deport employers who hire them.
How well do you think that would work?   What politician would suggest this solution?

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