Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maria Gonzales: illegal alien. What will you do with her?

Raul’s family has lived in Texas for 4 generations.  He is a US Citizen.  Six years ago he married Maria, whose parents brought her to the US illegally when she was a teenager.  Raul and Maria now have two boys and are expecting another in three months.  Raul works hard and pays all this taxes and mortgage on their home.  Maria confides in you that she is an illegal alien and that her boss is paying her under the table so she can save on her payroll expenses.

You have a choice.  What will you do?
1.       Report Maria and her boss to the authorities, so Maria will be deported.
2.       Keep quiet, do nothing and allow Maria to continue supporting her family even though she arrived here illegally and her boss illegally hired her.
3.       Try to find a way for Maria to become legalized and for her boss to pay all her taxes.

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