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Immigration Reform
Rounding up immigrants by Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) has become a common activity in the U.S.  What does it accomplish?  What does it cost?  Who is affected?

In this blog we hope to look at this issue from several sides, to weigh thoughtfully the pros and cons of this very divisive policy.  Some will argue that immigrants are a complete scourge on our society.  Some will say that people speaking some other language makes them feel uncomfortable.  Some will argue that immigrants just take away our jobs, or drain our social services without contributing to them.  Others will find that we are all immigrants - or descendants of immigrants - and that this has had a positive influence on our culture; that it has made the US a successful social experiment in governance.

Where do you stand on this issue?

How does it affect you as a farmer?  or a business owner?  home owner?  neighbor?  friend?  competitor?  displaced worker?  Border Patrol Officer?  Citizen of Mexico?  Legal immigrant?  Undocumented immigrant?  Detention Center Employee?  Arizona legislator?  Recently arrived immigrant?  Descendant of a family who has lived in Arizona long before Europeans arrived in the new world?  A wanna-be immigrant?

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