Saturday, November 12, 2011

Arizona Backtracks on Immigration

It appears that the results of Arizona's SB 1070 anti-immigration law has had a sobering effect on the citizens of that state.  Yesterday, the architect of the law was thrown out by voters in favor of a reform advocate.
Senator Russell Pearce (AZ-18), was soundly defeated by pro-immigrant challenger, Jerry Lewis, in a special election. Pearce authored the viciously anti-immigrant law in Arizona that was passed last year, and has since been duplicated in states across the country.
Pearce’s defeat is a warning bell to other lawmakers considering such legislation that citizens will not stand for these racial and discriminatory measures.
Our allies on the ground, Promise Arizona in Action fought relentlessly in this effort. Executive Director Petra Falcon said the organization will continue to hold politicians accountable: “This victory shows that the citizens of Arizona want fair immigration reform and will not stand for any law that racially profiles any segment of the community,” Falcon said. “It is now time for our community to move forward together, inclusively.”
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