Friday, July 8, 2011

Mexico's Birthrate plummets: fewer illegal immigrants

Why are there fewer illegal immigrants these days from Mexico?  The following chart of Mexico's birthrate over the last four decades shows a huge drop from 6.8 to 2 per mexican woman.  This translates into 200, 000 fewer job seekers per year.

In simple terms, Mexican families are smaller than they had once been. The pool of likely migrants is shrinking. Despite the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico, birth control efforts have pushed down the fertility rate to about 2 children per woman from 6.8 in 1970, according to government figures. So while Mexico added about one million new potential job seekers annually in the 1990s, since 2007 that figure has fallen to an average of 800,000, according to government birth records. By 2030, it is expected to drop to 300,000.


  1. That's most obvious as for due to less population always there would be less job seekers.

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  2. Thank you, Nancy, for your comment on immigration.

    Can you tell us what you see happening in Kansas regarding this issue? Has Kansas passed new anti- immigration legislation? If so, how is it affecting immigrants? farmers? business owners?
    immigrant families? othes?

    What do you think our Congress should do to resolve the problem? Would you like to see more deportation? more work visas? more ways for immigrants to achieve US citizenship? more pressure on US employers not to hire illegals? more aid to Mexico to improve their economy?

    Thank you